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The vision of STAMP emphasises that the continuing regeneration of Caernarfon is to be achieved through meaningful involvement, participation and dialogue. The aim of the project therefore is to enrich the regeneration projects that are pursued through inclusion of artistic content that has been elicited through discussion and which is deeply rooted in place recognition. The following are objectives agreed upon to meet the vision and aim:

    • Set up a Dialogue Forum which will actively seek out people who are willing to share their memories, insights and hopes about places with others. The Dialogue Forum will consist of the community, the Artists and the regeneration partner bodies.
    • To plan a series of events designed to explore themes geared towards uncovering potential intervention sites on the waterfront.
    • To design and create a temporary dialogue space, within the Island Site.
    • Establish the Caernarfon Arts Regeneration Network.
    • To commission a series of artistic interventions on, and within, the town that have arisen from the grass roots and which could take on a variety of different forms.

STAMP is funded by the Ideas People Places intiative under the Arts Council of Wales, Cyngor Gwynedd, Welsh government. For more information about the Ideas People Places fund:-  http://www.celf.cymru/celf-yng-nghymru/ysbrydoli/cynnal/creu-cymunedau-cyfoes

Caernarfon Waterfront and Town Centre Initiative.