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1. QR codes

This element is a huge part of the project. This is how the local residents and tourists will access the sensory memories of the people of Caernarfon.

A unique QR code will be created for each recording and then placed in the exact place mentioned in the memory so that individuals can scan and listen to the recording. During the course of the project, more and more QR codes will be created as more and more memories/recordings are collected, to create a network of memories.

By the end of the project we hope to design a map stating all he locations of all the QR codes around Caernarfon.  Our intentions initially was to  get each QR code scratched into slate using a laser cutter, but this proved to be too expensive, nor did we feel the finished product would be contemporary enough for the needs of the project. Instead we would rather a more ‘guerrilla’ approach to the work which would raise questions and draw the attention of people of all ages, i.e. ‘clean/reverse graffiti’ and ‘rainworks’. We are inviting members of CARN to think of inventive and creative ways of displaying these QR codes on the streets of Caernarfon, in ways which suit our needs for the project and will attract the attention of as many people as possible to scan them and listen to the memory/recording. We hope to have collected between 70 – 100 memories – each one with their own individual QR code.

Start + finish dates

The process of recording the memories has already started and so we would like to start creating the QR codes asap. The recording of the collected memories will be taking place on a regular basis until the beginning of April so we will need to have the QR created until mid – end of April *** dates may change***

2. Projections

We are working with the filmmaker, Eilir Pierce during Mae gen i go’. Eilir will be filming every aspect of the project and then the material will be released as short films for the web as a way to promote the project. As well as using this material on the web, we would like to use a more alternative ways to show these films, especially the films of some of the participants telling their stories. We are inviting CARN members to create a series of projections using Eilir’s films and to have displays of these on some of Caernarfon’s buildings during the evenings. We aim to display these projections during the 3 Saturdays prior to the final performance of the project, which will be the sensory Labyrinth. If successful, we believe that this will promote the project and co-exists excellently with the ‘guerrilla’ approach for the QR codes.

Start + finish dates

This work can be started on from March onwards. With aims of displaying the projections on the 1st, 8th and 15th of April. ***dates may change***

3. Portraits Exhibition

We are aiming to collect over 70 sensory memories during February and March – all of these by characters of all ages and background with links with Caernarfon. We would like to work with a photographer on a traditional style portrait exhibition of the participants. These photographs could be o the individuals in their home environment or in the specified location mentioned in the memory. The photographs will later be exhibited in Caffi Te a Cofi, Caernarfon and will be exhibited until the end of August at least, with intentions of moving it to another location afterwards. This artist will be working with GISDA to curate the exhibition, but we’re very open in our approach of how the work will be displayed. We intend to have the exhibition take place soon following the end of Mae gen i go’ project as a sort of celebration of the project and to thank all of the participants from the community.

Start + end dates

Start to contact the participants at the beginning of March – the exhibition to be in place by the end of April. ***dates may change***

4. Pathways

The consistent theme throughout Mae gen i go’ is inclusion, inclusion of as many people as possible, from all areas of Caernarfon and beyond, and trying to provide a creative new experience to individuals that would otherwise not necessarily get the opportunity. This has led us to think about the pathways which are walked daily by residents into the centre of town and how we can try to make these a more memorable experience for the individual. We would like to see what CARN members could suggest to revitalize parts of ‘Caernarfon’s pathways’, especially places such as the stairs down from the Maes towards K2, some of the subways which lead to/from the bus station. There’s no specific theme for this brief, only to provide a positive experience for the individual who’s passing by. This work can be temporary or permanent, but consideration must be taken in regards to planning permission, health and safety regulations, insurances and safety of the public. *** Must be discussed beforehand****

Start + end date

We would like this regeneration work to start in March and continue throughout March and April, when promoting work for the Labyrinth will begin. ***dates may change***

For more information or to apply, contact CARN co-ordinator, Menna Thomas: thomas.menna@gmail.com // 07472531813 OR Mae gen I go’ Coordinator, Elan Rhys: elan.rhys@gisda.co.uk // 01286 671182