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Cross Caernarfon Film Project

Four artists films which, while very different in approach, each give a flavour of the STAMP Caernarfon programme.

The approach and content of the films build on the successful partnerships created during the STAMP project, and provide a legacy and an insight into what is happening in Caernarfon.


Alan Whitfield – ‘from the shadows’ 

Alan Whitfield worked in Caernarfon for the first part of 2018, connecting with the town and walking around every part of the centre. He felt it important to respond from a view that the everyday folk and tourists do not get a chance to see in that perspective. From entering empty spaces to disused banks the film captures a soundscape to complement the charm of town as it strives forward in difficult times.


Aron Evans & Mei Mac – ‘Ysgol Maesincla’ 

The purpose of the project was to celebrate Caernarfon, its dialect and the people through animation, poetry and art. In 2018 Aron Evans and Mei Mac, the poet from Caernarfon, worked with a group of year 6 children from Maesincla School to compose an original and humorous poem celebrating the town. The children then created the film with the help of Aron at the school. We hope you enjoy the fruit of the children’s work!

Thanks to STAMP, Gwynedd Council and Ysgol Maesincla.

Mae Edward wedi miglo y fo a’i goban laes

Does na’m rowndabowt na bysus na buwchods ar Y Maes. ,

Mae nhw wedi dwyn y ffownten, tŷ crancod yw’r Lee Ho,

Lle roedd na bictwrs unwaith mae hanner Tokyo

Yn clicio clicio clicio o hyd

ar y castell gorau yn y byd.

Lie roedd Celtiaid ar ben Twthill yn stagio ar Rhufeiniaid draw

Does nam byd ond croes a concrit a papur chips a glaw.

Osam giaman,sgrin na magan na chwiaid wrth stryd llyn,

Maer tren ar hen bafiliwn ar pwll nofio yn y bin.

Mond taxis taxis taxis o hyd. ,

Y taxis gorau yn y byd

ond ond OND

Mae gyno ni

Gwylan yn y cei• yn dwyn pork pei

Wrap a bwyd ci yn Macidi,

Fishcakes Blackboi, a phont sy’n troi,

Siop dan cloc, nofion afon block

Hel crancod cas,ac ala las,

Pendwmpian ar fainc wrth yml De Ffrainc.

Machlud mawr pine, ac ysgol maesinc.

Jiws buwch a me-me, ac iaith cofi dre

Hwre hwre.


Daniel Mckee – ‘Cris Cross Caernarfon’

Cris Cross Caernarfon is a mixed media film created using video and images captured throughout the STAMP regeneration project and CARN. The film focuses upon the artistic interventions that have taken place throughout the town over the course of the initiative. The montage style and creative transition that takes you through projects, artists and spaces links to the cohesion of ideas that have been collectively inspired by, and activated in, Caernarfon under STAMP.


Ffloc – ‘Peripheral Vision’

For some people with impaired vision, the world becomes a somewhat different space, simple things become difficult, sometimes even frightening, colours, shapes and textures can be confusing and can easily be misinterpreted; everything needs to be questioned.

Hearing becomes crucially important when one’s visual senses are impaired, the world around is is full of sound, and we use these to help us understand where we are, what decisions we should take, such as, are we safe or in danger.

Based on a visual condition called age-related macular degeneration – peripheral vision – the film is a creative interpretation of Caernarfon from the perspective of this disease, and provides a sighted viewer with some impression of how the world might be experienced by someone living with the slow loss of clear eyesight.

The soundtrack is essential to how the film is experienced and is based on audio recordings made around Caernarfon and the railway.

#ffloc is a creative collaboration of artists based in a rural part of Wales