STAMP would like to thank members of Gŵyl Arall, CARN for coordinating and guiding activities on the Island Site Forge during the weekend. It was a great weekend despite the weather! It was nice to see such a variety of audiences and participants experience the special atmosphere of the site.

The inspirational talk by Bedwyr Williams was funny and honest together with an unique performance. The presentation and the performance by Bedwyr Williams and Elin Meredydd over the weekend showed what is possible to do on the Island Site and the type of performances, audiences that can be attracted to this unique site in Caernarfon.

Activities were held by CARN inlcuding rusting dying with Gwen Owen and a transparent washing line by Rhona Bowey, Metalworking workshop by Mike Murray (member of CARN) during the two days, homemade lemonade and interactive activities by Rita Ann Jones. The metal workshops taught new skills to those who attended including forming drawings on paper by not raising the pencil off the paper (very difficult!) And creating drawings with your eyes closed. Mike taught the participants the art of creating sculptures using drawings and templates and metal. He also fired the forge  allowing participants to experience blacksmithing, believe us it is hard work but very rewarding and fun.

What the weekend proved is how special it is to see people, exhibitions, events and workshops on the site that was once a site full of industrial hustle and bustle. CARN and Gŵyl Arall created a homely atmosphere on the site over the weekend and showed what is possible.

Thank you all for a great weekend and we look forward to seeing more people visiting the site in future.