News and events

Visit to UnDegUn, Wrexham

CARN will be arranging a trip to visit UndegUn in Wrexham on the 13th of April, we’ve arranged a personal tour of the space and current exhibition as well as speaking with one of the founders of the project, David Grey, as well as some of the artists located... read more

Two days of Sensory Theatre, with Iwan Brioc

Come and experience two days of Sensory Theatre, on the 20th-21st of April, led by the artist Iwan Brioc. The experience will be FREE and you will get free lunch!! Mae Gen i Go’ started on the 13th, 14th and 15th of January with a weekend of innovative volunteer... read more

Call for Volunteers – Castell02

Following the first successful Castell01 in 2016, STAMP Caernarfon is seeking individuals interested in working with the team on the delivery of STAMP Castell02 from Friday 12th – Sunday 14th May, 2017. It will be an exciting weekend showing work by artists in... read more

Gefail yr Ynys opens for Get Creative, 2017.

Good News, Gefail yr Ynys will be opening for the Get Creative weekend on Saturday and Sunday 8th and 9th of April 10am-12 and 1-3pm FREE Arts Workshops for Children and Families Free Blacksmithing demonstrations Call in at the Gefail yr Ynys Forge to take part... read more

CARN Interventions

1. QR codes This element is a huge part of the project. This is how the local residents and tourists will access the sensory memories of the people of Caernarfon. A unique QR code will be created for each recording and then placed in the exact place mentioned in the... read more

Call for Artists – Castell02

Following the first successful Castell01 in 2016, STAMP Caernarfon is inviting artists to send in their proposals for site-specific artworks and artistic interventions for STAMP Castell02 in and around Caernarfon Castle and the Town Walls as part of Ideas People... read more

The ancient Welsh art of Storytelling

Storytelling is an ancient tradition in Wales, and an art at which we’re quite adept!  In the days before reading and writing were widely-held skills, the art of storytelling was a valuable one. Not only was it a way to keep history alive (although stories would have... read more

Caernarfon rushlight holders: back in production soon?

In the days before gaslight and electricity, one of the cheapest forms of lighting was rushlights, held in special iron holders. Each region had its own style: could Caernarvonshire’s rushlight holders be back in production soon? Long before electricity or even... read more

Canolfan Soar and the regeneration of Merthyr Tydfil

In its heyday Merthyr Tydfil was the biggest town in Wales. At its lowest point it was hit by economic turmoil and high unemployment. But the area’s fortunes have improved in recent years after investment in the Arts and the Welsh language through Canolfan Soar, a... read more

The Arts and the regeneration of Liverpool

Built initially as a revolutionary docking system in the 19th century, Albert Dock in Liverpool has a lot of historic ‘firsts’ under its belt. But its transformation in the past 30 years is what really puts it, and Liverpool, on the UK’s Arts map. At 1.25 million... read more

Cei Llechi plans exhibition

There will be an opportunity on the 25th and 26th January for the public to see and comment on the exciting plans now proposed for artisan’s workshops on Slate Quay as part of the ambitious plans to regenerate Caernarfon’s waterfront. The Caernarfon Harbour... read more

CALL OUT for lead artist

We would like to appoint an artist or artist collective to work collaboratively on three of the schemes in Caernarfon, to ensure coherence and consistency of artistic approach throughout and between the developments. Ideally we would like to see the artist:... read more

Caernarfon theatre company revives classic comedy

  Caernarfon-based Theatr Bara Caws is behind the revival of a classic comedy series from the 1970s and 80s, currently touring Wales. Local theatre group Theatr Bara Caws have been touring Raslas Bach a Mawr! since 18 November, which saw the popular classic... read more

Remembrance poppies attract thousands of visitors

The “Weeping Window” ceramic poppies sculpture, first displayed at the Tower of London in 2014 to mark the centenary of the Great War, is currently on display at Caernarfon Castle. A poignant sculpture on display at Caernarfon Castle has attracted thousands of... read more

Gŵyl Arall Weekend, Gefail Yr Ynys.

STAMP would like to thank members of Gŵyl Arall, CARN for coordinating and guiding activities on the Island Site Forge during the weekend. It was a great weekend despite the weather! It was nice to see such a variety of audiences and participants experience the... read more

STAMP – Gwyl Arall

STAMP is holding events and activities on the Island Site, Cei Llechi during Gwyl Arall. They’ll be a number of artistic events on site organised by CARN (Caernarfon Arts Regeneration Network) as well as events by Gwyl Arall. Friday 8th of July: 4pm – STAMP... read more

Introduction to Metalworking, Miranda Meilleur

Miranda Meilleur is a designer silversmith working in a variety of precious and non precious metals, she produces unique pieces of metalwork, bowls and spoons both functional and sculptural. She has exhibited worldwide and is currently working as a part time lecturer... read more