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“Bringing Caernarfon together through art, digital media and theatre.”

The main inspiration for Mae Gen i Go’, which translates into English as “I Have a Memory”, are ‘Sensory Memories’ of Caernarfon – tastes, sounds, sights, feelings and smells of the near and distant past. GISDA is collaborating with the actor and theatre practitioner, Iwan Brioc, on this creative and exciting community project.

The process of collecting memories has begun and volunteers are meeting people of all ages and backgrounds to record what they have to say.

A unique QR (quick response) code will be created for each memory and will form a network of memories, one QR code at a time, which will develop into a ‘sensory’ map of Caernarfon which can be followed when walking around the town.

The project is looking for volunteers of all ages who thoroughly enjoy meeting others, who are open to new creative experiences and who feel passionately about ‘Dre’ (Town), its history and its characters. Mae Gen i Go’ is a project that will touch the entire community and be relevant to all residents of the town. Would you like to take part? Volunteers can be of any age and from any background and their input is essential to the success of Mae Gen i Go’.

Contact Elan at GISDA on elan.rhys@gisda.co.uk or call 01286 671153.

The volunteers of Mae Gen i Go’, a project to record the memories of Caernarfon residents which is led by GISDA, have completed months of gathering and the first memories are now almost ready to see the light of day in the form of an exciting network around the town – here’s a taste of what’s on the way!

Mae Gen i Go' QR codes


Two days of Sensory Theatre, with Iwan Brioc

Come and experience two days of Sensory Theatre, on the 20th-21st of April, led by the artist Iwan Brioc. The experience will be FREE and you will get free lunch!! Mae Gen i Go’ started on the 13th, 14th and 15th of January with a weekend of innovative volunteer... read more

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