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The official opening of the Siopau Tre Cofis exhibition was on the 16th of Decemebr in Cafe Te a Coffi.

Luned Rhys Parri with the community groups and volunteers succeeded to create over a 100 shops with the help of those who participated in the community  workshops at Palas Print, Caernarfon Library, Cofis Bach and Sbarc. By the end of the project they had a 3D module of every shop in the town more or less.

It was fascinating to hear all the stories and tales some of the shopkeepers shared with Emrys of what use to be in the town of Caernarfon and to hear how things have change e.g. Most of the shops on Palace Street use to be pubs, hotels and they had more than one betting shop! It was also an opportunity to reminisce about what use to be in the town, Nelson, Emporium, Yr Afr Aur a’r Angor Aur. Some also laughed about remembering going to the local pictures that they called the ‘Laugh & Scratch’.

The exhibition can still be seen at the Café!

Thanks to all who contributed.